We shear Alpacas, Llamas and Sheep. We are equipped to trim teeth and toenails while we have them caught. We can also give them their CD/T vaccination, wormer injection and finish it all up with an all natural insect spray to help eliminate insect bites.  

Our prices cover scheduling, transportation, and a three to four person crew and filling in the gaps that are necessary on shearing day. 

Our prices are pro-rated, so if you only have a few it will be cheaper for you to join a local farm to take your animals to on shearing day. We do not charge a mileage fee. However, we do charge a farm visit fee for smaller herd sizes which once again makes it cheaper for you to join in with another farm on their shearing day. 



($79 Farm Visit Fee on all Farms with 60 head or less)


  • 1-5 head, $46 per head

  • 6-10 head, $39 per head

  • 11-19 head, $35 per head

  • 20-30 head, $32.50 per head

  • 31-45 head, $29 per head

  • 46-60 head, $27 per head

  • 61-120 head, $26 per head

  • 121 head or more, contact for special pricing   



($79 Farm Visit Fee)

  • $65 per head, Plus $79 Farm Visit Fee

  • 30 head or more contact for special pricing


Sheep & Goats

($79 Farm Visit Fee)

  • 5 head or less, $25 per head

  • 6-10 head, $20 per head

  • 11-20 head, $17 per head

  • ​21-30 head, $14 per head

  • 30 head or more, contact for special pricing


Animal Husbandry


  • We are happy to trim the front and fighting teeth on your alpacas and llamas : Front teeth are $10/head and Fighting teeth are $13/head. If you have the proper equipment for these task we can use your equipment but still need to charge a service fee of $6 for preforming the task. 


  • We are happy to trim the toenails on your animals for $1 per head on alpacas; $3 per head on sheep and llamas, if you have not done so prior to our arrival.


  • We are happy to deworm your animals for you with Ivermectin wormer in the form of an injection for $5.25 per head. If you have this on hand and pulled we can administer it for you and will just charge $1/head for this service.



  • We are happy to help you with the vaccination of your herd with CD/T for $5.50 per head. If you have this on hand and pulled we can administer it for you and will just charge $1/head for this service.

Insect Spray


  • We are happy to help you eliminate bites from those nasty insects. For $4.50 per head we will 
    spray in the ears to kill ticks, mites, fleas, lice, bacterial, fungal and yeast infections. We will also
    spray a light mist over the top of the animal's back to keep flies and mosquitoes off after
    shearing. Here is a link to the product we use:           If you have your own insect spray that is not all natural we will let the animal up and give it to you to spray before turning it loss. Sorry for not being of more service here with conventional insect sprays. 


Corral/Pen Up

  • We are happy to corral and/or pen up your herd if you have not done so prior to our arrival. They will generally come in better before we arrive, this is why we schedule and contact you in advance to our arrival. But on those occasions where we need to help get them penned up, we are happy to help but will be adding an additional $50 fee. 

  • Tips are always welcome and appreciated.

Marty Hofmann | Alpaca Shearing | United States | 405-818-5353