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Continuing the Family Tradition

Marty Hofmann learned to shear sheep from his father Paul Hofmann in 1996. Paul, a nationally known sheep shearer who set and broke many records and represented the United States in Scotland in the Golden Shears in 2003, taught eight of his ten kids how to shear; all ten of his kids were involved in the shearing process in some respect.  This was a way for Paul Hofmann to teach work ethic, efficiency, personal skills, the pride of doing the job right, and integrity in business. It was also a great way for him to spend time with his kids. Being Paul's son, Marty has sheared over 40,000 sheep and alpacas,  and he is dedicated to also integrating the family into shearing. Marty does this by bringing his children along when possible, trying to schedule with your family needs in mind, and trying to remember that for many of you, your animals are like your family. Marty was taught to shear alpacas by his father in 2008 and has since taken over Paul's work in the Mid-West since Paul retired in 2012. Marty now shears in Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Wyoming, and Wisconsin. If you want your shearing day to be more family orientated, contact Integrity Shearing today. 

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